Advertising Agency

Why should you work with us?

CITENKO Media will provide you an incredible set of advertising features, we collected all of them in one global solution. That makes us one of the most awesome ad serving platforms in the market.

Desktop Web

Computers aren't dead yet! Most shoppers are still coming from Desktop devices. Our available ad formats are: Banners, Pop-Under, Native and Video.

Mobile web and in-app

Take advantage of the mobile apps/websites emergence to show or promote relevant ads, enjoy higher CTR and direct interests from mobile users.


The biggest impact for your brand! We do Pre-roll and Overlay video ads. Publishers, you can choose to set our player (Youtube compatible) or use VAST/VPAID.

Real-Time-Bidding (RTB)

All our system is real-time based, Advertisers can adjust bids any time according to multiple factors such as geos, devices, browsers, publishers, retargeting lists.

Ad Exchanges

We are connected to several SSPs and DSPs via RTB protocols It allows our Advertisers to reach traffic from new sources and our Publishers to get more revenue.


The CITENKO Media's core is here. We developed a predictive system that is applicable to Advertisers and Publishers in order to reach their revenue goals.

Complex Reports

Our reporting system is awesome! There is no latency, get very precise information in real time. Filter data to analyze where CITENKO Media brings you the most.

API / S2S Tracking

We provide Server-To-Server tracking for Advertisers and Publishers using third party systems. Moreover, you can use a REST API OAuth2 to manage ads outside our UI.


For Advertisers, set our retargeting pixels on user steps of your choice and build your lists to reach these users again via all our marketing services.


We deliver your brand and campaign goals through our proprietary performance-based technology, highly specialized teams and scalable global media outreach. We accept all pricing models (CPC, CPM, CPL, CPI, CPA, RevShare).


We at CITENKO Media developed our own ad server technology. Our solution is extra flexible We can now say that we can do any integration process on demand! Enjoy our auto-optimization engine to maximize your ROI/Revenue.


Ad tags are easy to integrate and deliver carefully targeted ad content, high international fill rates and maximum eCPMs. We provide automatic weekly payments for ALL publishers reaching at least $50 a week.