How to start?

You are not limited to one device!

Digital advertising these days incorporates much more than your standard desktop. With the help of our ad platforms that are accessible on a wide range of devices, there is no limit anymore to what you can do.

The great thing about our platform is that it incorporates an intelligent user interface that allows you to create and control all your campaigns (desktop, in-app, mobile, or video) from just one platform.

Grow your brand and make a marketing digital strategy working with CITENKO Media solutions.

Specified audience

Our models are created to fit your specific campaign.

We understand that all campaigns have their own individual goals and we aim to provide for those differences. With our platform, you have a wide range of models to choose from to find the one that is best aligned with your campaign objectives, so that you are never running at a loss.

We are also aware that with the differences in campaigns comes a specific group of people that they are targeted at. We have, therefore, incorporated a tool to match your campaign to the most relevant audience to ensure maximum exposure and the most positive response.

One global solution

Why choose us for a longterm partnership ?

> Global and local quality advertising campaigns
> Our Geo-targeting system covers more than 250 countries
> Automatic and manual detection of fraud technique
> Premium ad formats, tools and placement options
> ROI-based advertising: CPM, CPC, CPL ,CPA models
> Accurate and detailed statistics system
> Algorithmic and manual advertising optimization
> Devoted account managers available 24/7

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