Frequently Asked Questions

Publishers (4)

During your registration, we check the Alexa Rank of your website. If you're ranked under 50,000 for a specific country, or under 100,000 on the worlwide scale, you are eligible to run ads with us. If you are a developer, we accept all mobile applications without any restrictions.
We provide weekly payments for all publishers, but the minimum withdrawal threshold is $50.
You can serve ads to AdBlock users by integrating our API. It requires few code lines. Please contact your account manager to learn more.
Yes, it's compatible, but keep in mind that we allow a maximum of only 5 banners page. For other adformats like native and pop-under, we suggest that you do a split test A/B.

Advertisers (5)

Yes, we allow third party ad tags, you will need to explain exactly why you need it, and share us a contact reference from another network from which you purchase banner advertising via Javascript Tags.
Not yet! We are still under development, we released the Beta version in September 2016.Let us know if you are interested in trying it. For now, the best way is to work directly with your Account Manager.
Yes, we can take all pricing models. There are 2 ways to run performance campaigns with CITENKO Media, please reach out to your account manager to learn more.
You can put on your website the CITENKO pixel on the "Thank you" page or other page events. Otherwise, we provide S2S tracking if you want to carry out tracking this way.
Yes, but only after few months of collaboration, you must start on prepayment with us. We can offer you a bonus for your first campaign.