How do you start?

Ad Tags are ready for use

When your websites or apps are approved, you will be able to pick up ad tags. All you need to do is just copy/paste them and check your earnings in real-time.

Websites with quality content are eligible for premium RTB tags This means that your banner inventory will be available to thousands advertisers.

For others websites such as adult and borderline content, you will have access to our direct advertisers only. But don't worry, you will see good results with ad formats like pop-unders.

Very fast payments

Weekly payment terms for all publishers

We know that payment terms are important for publishers, especially when they have to manage an infrastructure of big servers. Generating high costs.

You will automatically receive your payment weekly via the payment processor of your choice (Wire Transfert and Paypal are the most widely used). Say goodbye to other ad networks doing NET-15, NET-30 or sometimes NET-60 terms with their publishers.

One global solution

Why should you choose us for a long term partnership?

> Global and local quality advertising campaigns
> Our Geo-targeting system covers more than 250 countries
> Real-Time Bidding technology system (RTB)
> Premium ad formats, tools and placement options
> Accurate and detailed statistics system
> Algorithmic and manual advertising optimization
> Devoted account managers available 24/7

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